Band Recording + Mix

Band Recording + Mix

from 225.00
  • Live multitrack recording in a location of your choice (in East Flemish region)

  • We bring all necessary gear except headphones

  • Includes Mixing and Mastering

  • Includes One Revision Cycle


    • At checkout use the code “DEPOSIT” in order to book.

    • For final payment use the code “FINAL

Project Size:
Multitrack or Stereo Room:
Book and Make A Deposit

The process

  1. Make a deposit through this website by choosing how many songs you want to record and whether it should be a multitrack recording with detailed mixing or a simple stereo room recording.

  2. After we received your deposit, we then send you a link to our calendar, where you can pick and book a date for your recording day.

  3. We take the recording to our studio and create a first mix. We will let you hear the first mix so you can make requests for adjustments to your wishes.

  4. The final payment will be invoiced after you are satisfied with the final music recording.

More Info

  • We come to your rehearsal (or any other) space and record your band perform live.

  • We bring all recording equipment that’s needed including microphones, 20 channel mixer and monitoring (except headphones if you wish to monitor that way).

  • You receive the final master as .wav file in 24 bit/48kHz standard (easy to sync to video material) and as mp3 file.with you.


  • Multitrack recording takes far more work during recording and mixing/mastering than a simple stereo room recording. Therefore prices for stereo room recordings are substantially more affordable. You can see the prices by selecting the amount of songs you want to record and whether you want to do a multitrack or a stereo room recording.


  • We are very happy to answer any question you might have via this contact form.

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