Hey there, If you are serious about your band, you are probably pouring your heart and soul into your music. You might have spent anywhere between a few months and a year to finish your last album. And did your “fans” wait for your release with the same excitement as you?

Probably not. That`s because modern music industry is changing. I’ve been there too and have seen it happen to many bands. The old model was: Write music -> record the best 12 best songs -> have those songs mixed and mastered -> prepare marketing and promotion strategy -> go on tour -> repeat the cycle. But this big circle is only viable for the most famous bands that have the possibility to promote their new record in many outlets around the world.

For the rest of us mortal people, the possibilities to promote our record is considerably smaller and therefore the steam behind your new record is likely to cool down after a few weeks.

I suggest another strategy. Wouldn’t it be smarter to release new songs quicker as you finish writing them? This way, you can involve your fans in your story. Ask them how they like your songs and simply really engage your audience along the way. You won`t get stuck in perfection and build your audience. Once you feel confident about a set of songs, you can still pull them together to become a super cool album and maybe even re-record them in a top notch sound famous studio (because that’s nice right?).

Convinced? Then you might want to check out our offer to visit you with our mobile recording setup. We have the necessary microphones and channels available to record your band while you perform your new song live, all in one room. Optionally I will also mix your recordings. The quality of those recordings will be comparable to our many live sessions that you can check out here.

Contact us via the form on the bottom of this page to get started.


Grow your audience with smaller chunks of individual song releases.


Focus on performing your song without the worry about recording and tech.


Optionally enjoy the benefit of an advantageous package fee for multiple recordings.

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Vinyly Music to me is a high level mix of professionalism with a respectful, warm atmosphere...
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Awesome experience, these guys know what there doing!


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