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Meet Lars, The Audio Part of Vinyly Music

While I write this, I am in my favorite spot, right besides the vinyl player with my headphones on the head. It propels me into another universe diving into the creative space of my favorite records. I want your music as well to become one of those favorite records of mine …. and of many other music fans.

You are reading this because you wonder if I might be the right person to mix your music. I guess it’s best that I describe my mixing-philosophy, so you can get a first idea if we might be a good fit.

  • I wont use effects just because. Reverb for example is nice, but unless I feel your music really needs it here and there, I will rather stay with a natural and organic sound.

  • You might have heard of the loudness war. I try to fight the dark-side and rather use less compression to preserve the dynamic range and emotional impact of your music.

  • I disguise most of the modern popular clean “music” productions you hear on mainstream media outlets. I rather mix authentic, honest music and that`s where I will naturally do a better job. :-)

  • My main focus so far was on mixing music that was recorded in a live setting (meaning: full band in one room recording at the same time). So we can definitely work on your own “live” recordings. But I am also happy to mix more “studio” kinda recordings in the future.

If I didn’t scare you away yet, then we might be a good fit. Feel free to contact me to speak about your project. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Punctual and professional, great personalities and with a heart for music in all genres!
— Coyote Melon
Vinyly Music to me is a high level mix of professionalism with a respectful, warm atmosphere...”
— Sofar
Awesome experience, these guys know what there doing!
— The Girl Who Cried Wolf

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