What is Vinyly Music?

Together with your help, we search the musical landscape for the most talented bands and musicians to record live sessions in unusual locations.

Besides the free Vinyly Live Sessions, we offer

  • online mixing services,

  • to produce your next music video,

  • to record your band in a “live” setting,

  • to produce promotional video content.

Click below to see more info on our production services.  

Play A Free Live Session?

Vinyly Live Sessions are free of charge and we even share revenue with each band. But there are some preconditions you have to meet:

  • Do you play in the current band setup for at least one year?

  • Did you play at least 30 live concerts in the recent past?

  • Do you have an engaging and active social media fan base?

  • Do you frequently go on tour outside of your city?

If the answer to all questions above is yes, we are happy to receive your application. Fill out the form below and we review your application.

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